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About Us

about us

TOTS ARE US are a bespoke Ofsted registered childcare provider based in Brunswick Green, Wideopen. We say 'childcare provider' but we are more like an extension of your family. Every child is treated as if they are our own and are all loved as equally.

Our number one priority is ensuring that every child finishes their day with a smile on their face, telling their parents about the good day they have had with their friends. Second to this is their learning which may sound strange, but if a child is having fun and enjoying what they are doing, they are learning so much more as they are fully engaged, if they don't like it, everything you say just goes over their head.


You can track your child's progress through our app where you get real time updates on what they are doing throughout the day, you can also input your own photos and videos showing milestones or achievements your child has done when at home too.

TOTS ARE US believe you should be continually developing yourself to become the best person you can be and invest in our staff to benefit them as individuals as well as the children in our care. We also offer apprenticeship programmes and work experience to those looking to embark on a career in the Early Years, we really are a one stop shop.

See below to MEET THE TEAM and have a look at the various SERVICES we can offer.

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Meet The Team

Meet the team




Claire began working with children voluntarily alongside her fulltime job in 2012 at her local Church every Sunday morning and then progressed to working with the Church and local school to prepare children for making their First Holy Communion on a weekend. It was during this time that she found her passion in teaching and began taking steps to work with children on a fulltime basis. Claire completed her training with the local council to become a childminder and set up TOTS ARE US. Not only does she have a passion for teaching children but also for giving others wishing to work in the childcare sector an opportunity to do so by offering apprenticeships and work experience.


childcare assistant

Courtney was our very first apprentice at TOTS ARE US completing her level 2 in Early Years before moving on to study her Early Years Level 3. When she joined the team, it was evident that she had a real love for children and for the job which led to the decision to retain her as a member of staff on completion of her first apprenticeship and gave us the confidence to roll out an apprenticeship programme for others.



  • BA (Hons) Accounting and Computing - University of Sunderland

  • Graduate Diploma in Law - Northumbria University

  • Currently working towards NPQEYL

  • Currently working towards the Early Years Level 5

  • Early Years Level 3

  • SENCO Level 3

  • Enhanced DBS

  • Paediatric First Aid

  • Safeguarding


childcare assistant


  • Early Years Level 3

  • Early Years Level 2

  • Safeguarding

  • Enhanced DBS

  • Paediatric First Aid


Hannah has been working with Tots Are Us for almost three years now having completed her Early Years Level 3 with us. The knowledge she has acquired has been invaluable to the setting. She has a real passion for working with children which is evident in the relationships she has with them all.


childcare apprentice


  • Early Years Level 3

  • Early Years Level 2

  • Safeguarding

  • Enhanced DBS

  • Paediatric First Aid

Natasha is our newest apprentice. She completed her level two in the Early Years at college as well as placements working in a local nursery and this is where she found her love for working with children. Natasha has joined Tots Are Us to gain experience and complete her level three in the Early Years with us. She is a hardworking member of the team, eager to learn and has fit right in to the setting.





Dudley is an integral part of TOTS ARE US and possibly the loudest member of the team (although others would disagree). The most important thing about Dudley is that he is a Bichon Frisé and is hypoallergenic so rest assured, those with allergies will be fine around him. He sets his own working hours depending on his mood before taking himself off to the office to do some admin work and popping back down for some more interaction when he feels like it. Dudley plays an important role in the team, he teaches the TOTS how to care for animals, the correct way to approach dogs, how much and what to feed him and at what time of the day.


  • Early Years Level 2

  • Safeguarding

  • Enhanced DBS

  • Paediatric First Aid


  • Masters in Barking at Doorbells

  • BARK (Hons) in Cuddles and Kisses




What makes us unique is that we can offer flexible childcare for those working shifts enabling you to change the days you require childcare from week to week. We regularly work with doctors, nurses and police officers to accommodate childcare around their shifts


We accept both 15 and 30 Government funded hours. You can choose to use all of your hours with Tots Are Us or split them between us and a nursery. To check your eligibility click the link below which will take you to the Government website


We currently offer these services at Brunton Park Primary (Great Park) and Hazelwood (Wideopen)

If your school is not listed above, please contact us to see if we can accommodate you elsewhere


Do you need childcare purely for the school holidays? Tots Are Us can help!


We appreciate that not all parents have a support structure that enables you to have a night out. Tots Are Us can look after your children in your home until the early hours. To arrange, contact us on the number below


Ideal childcare for teachers as you pay for the childcare you need during term time and then 25% of those fees during school holidays to secure your place for the next term


If you are looking to work in the Early Years and gain your level 2 or 3, Tots Are Us offer paid apprenticeships.

As a 'Childcare Apprentice' you will complete your qualification alongside working as a member of the team.

Support will be given throughout on both a personal and professional level


Already studying at College or University? Come and complete your on the job hours with Tots Are Us

You will gain valuable experience working alongside us and build some lasting friendships


Tots Are Us will support you with your studies wherever possible

Interested? Hit the button below



What can I say - we’ve been with Claire and the team at tots are us for coming up 5 years. She has welcomed my children into her home and her heart. My children adore her and so do we. 

They are nurtured in such a homely environment that they flourish. She supports their needs, loves and allows them to become the people they want to be. My little girl transitioned so beautifully to school as she had been prepared so well. Claire and the team have been there for our family in good times and tough times and have always helped when I have asked - even at very last minute! She is an extension of my children’s family and is the best person to have in your ‘village’. I have recommended tots are us to several friends and their children love it too! 

All you can ask for is a nurturing and loving environment when you’re looking for childcare and Claire and tots are us do that and more!

Hannah (Mum) and Emily and Nora

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